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Tax-Exempt Status Reinstatement: An Update on the New Procedures

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of the lapse period filing requirements and associated planning steps.Tax-exempt organizations sometime lose their tax-exemption. The impact of the loss of tax-exemption can have severe consequences for the organization's finances and potentially can adversely affect its contractual relationships and its status with government regulators. This topic will address the lapse period filing requirements and associated planning steps. The material explains the four avenues for reinstating federal exemption which set forth in Revenue Procedure 2014-11 starting with the streamlined retroactive reinstatement using Form 1023-EZ. It will also include the retroactive reinstatement within the 15 month window (of certain critical dates) and after the 15 month window and explores the requirements for the required Reasonable Cause Statements. Finally, it will introduce prospective reinstatement of federal exemption.


Louis E. Michelson, Esq., Louis E. Michelson, A Professional Corporation


Loss of Federal Tax-Exempt Status

• Common Causes

• Automatic Loss of Exemption

• Revocation in Error

Impact of Revocation

• Actions During Lapse Period

• Notifications

• Filing Requirements

• Planning

Proc 2014-11 Procedures

• Federal Reinstatement: Critical Dates

• Streamlined Retroactive Reinstatement

• IRS Form 1023-EZ and Eligibility

• Retroactive Reinstatement Within 15 Months

• Reasonable Cause Statements

• Retroactive Reinstatement After 15 Months

• Prospective Reinstatement