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How to Ethically Get Media Coverage as an Attorney

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn how to ethically contact the media and introduce yourself to reporters as a source for comment on timely issues that have business implications.Did you see your colleague quoted in the news? Why are reporters calling her and not you? Why do you want to be quoted in the media anyway? Review the guidelines for attorney advertising. Understand ethical considerations to safely speak to a reporter about your own case in litigation or that of another attorney. Being quoted in the media can help you advocate for your client, generate new business, keep you top of mind with referral sources, even attract employees. Reporters are always looking for success; but they won't call you if they don't know who you are, plus you must be mindful of the ethical boundaries before you take their calls.


Craig Dobson, Dobson Law LLC Janet Falk, Falk Communications And Research


Why You Want to Be in the News and How to Introduce Yourself to a Reporter

• Reasons to Be Seen in the News

• Strategy and Format of a Media Profile

• Identify Media Contacts

Ethical Considerations for Contacting and Speaking With the Media

• Media Profile and Attorney Advertising

• Speaking to Reporters as a Source

Contact With the Media Before, During and After a Trial

• Send a Press Release the Day You File in Court

• Be Factual in Conversations With Reporters; Beware of Extrajudicial Remarks

• Prepare for Comments, Regardless of the Trial's Outcome

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