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Understanding the Importance of Various Types of Insurance and Risk Management

OnDemand Webinar (77 minutes)

Gain insight into certain features in an insurance policy that are often overlooked and how to lower premiums while ensuring adequate coverage.This material will provide you with strategies that will result in lower premiums, yet ensure adequate coverage is still in place. It will help you differentiate claims made policies vs. occurrence policies and this knowledge will always ensure that coverage is in place in the result of a claim. This topic will provide information on how to select features in an insurance policy that are overlooked such as sublimits and endorsements that can broaden coverage.


John Raspante, CPA, MST, McGowanPRO


Financial Planning Covered?

• Cost of Correction

• Fiduciary

• Contractual Exclusions

• Discretionary

• Sale of Products

• Life Insurance

Trustee Services Covered

• Limited to Personal Trusts

• May Exclude Excess Fees

• Excess Coverage

Outside Director of Officer Services

• Profit vs. Nonprofit

• Excluded Services

• Excluded Ownerships

Security Breaches Covered

• Professional Services vs. Legal Liability

• First-Party Costs

• Nonclaim Costs

• Wi-Fi

Who Is a Named Insured?

• Spouse

• Independent Contractor

• Outside Firms Working on Behalf of the Firm

• Non-Accountants Working on Behalf of the Firm