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Mortgage Foreclosures - A New World After the Moratoriums End

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Learn about the alternatives to foreclosures and how the CARES Act legislation has affected them.This topic will focus on the process and procedures of a mortgage foreclosure, specifically a judicial mortgage foreclosure. The material will discuss the differences though between a judicial and nonjudicial foreclosure. Learn what creditors faced during a foreclosure prior to the current COVID-19 world. The main part of the topic will focus on what a creditor and/or its counsel can expect moving forward in 2021. What will a post-COVID-19 foreclosure world look like? What types of litigation can be expected? How long will a typical foreclosure take due to the expected court backlogs? What can creditors do to prepare, loss mitigation options to avoid a foreclosure?


Keri P. Ebeck, Bernstein-Burkley, P.C. Nicole Mariani Noel, Kass Shuler, P.A.


Judicial vs. Nonjudicial Foreclosures

• What Is the Difference?

• Which States Are Judicial?

• Typical Judicial Foreclosure Process and Timeframe

Alternatives to Foreclosure

• Loss Mitigation

• Forbearances - CARES Act

• Loan Modifications

• Short Sales

• Deed in Lieu of Foreclosures

Hurdles for Creditors Prior to COVID-19 and Moratoriums

• Litigation

• Court Ordered Conciliations

What Will Change in 2021 and in the Future?

• When Will the Moratoriums Be Lifted?

• What Does That Mean for Creditors?

• Additional Obstacles

- Litigation

- Court Backlog

- Loss Mitigation Overwhelmed

- Bankruptcy