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How to Motivate Noncooperative Employees When Returning to Work

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Learn how to effectively motivate noncooperative employees when returning to work after a workers' compensation claim.Have you struggled with return-to-work noncooperation in the workplace? This topic offers insight into making a positive impact on return-to-work motivation. It will also provide a summary of relevant employment law considerations including, workers' compensation, ADA, FMLA, and drug-testing concerns. This material will also discuss the strategies for returning such employees to work or other options to reduce exposure and potential liability. Hard research, combined with helpful case studies, provides real-life context to help you understand how noncooperation can affect return-to-work situations.


Ryan J. Murphy, Cipriani & Werner, P.C.


What Do We Mean When We Say an Employee Is Noncooperative?

• Work Rules/Policies

• Positive Work Orders

• Medical Treatment

• Actions in Bad Faith

Causes of Noncooperation

• Habit Formation

• Motivational Issues

• Job Atmosphere

• Prior Performance Reviews

• Harassment/Bullying

• Health/Medical Concerns

• Lack of Avenues of Growth

• Perceived Legal Concerns

Relevant Employment Law

• Workers' Compensation

• Americans With Disabilities Act

• Family Medical Leave Act

• Employee Drug Testing

• State/Local Law Concerns

Guidance for Addressing Noncooperation

• Communication

• Rule-Based Strategy

• Employee Handbook Policies

• Accommodations

• Employee Considerations

Other Options

• Vocational Evaluations

• Funded Employment

• Termination