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Defined Contribution Health Plan Update

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Gain an understanding of the different spending accounts and which one is compliant and best for your organization.Consumer Directed Health Care plans are becoming more prevalent in the group health care market, spreading into the individual health care market as well. Over the past few years there have been several variations of spending accounts that can be made available to an employer's employee group. The rules and types of plans can quickly become confusing and wrong decisions made unless there is an understanding of the types of spending accounts and what can and cannot be implemented. Once that decision is made, communicating the plans to a group of employees can become complex and hard to communicate in a way that is acceptable to a group of employees. The goal of this topic is to help sort through the options and apply them to your organization.


Holly Kalmer, David K. Young Consulting, LLC David K. Young, MPA, CEBS, David K. Young Consulting, LLC


What Are Consumer Directed Health Plans (CDHP) Beyond Just a High Deductible Group Health Insurance and Maybe an HSA?

• History

• Present

• Future

Why Implement a CDHP?

• Look at the Cost Differences for Different Health Care Services by Health Care Providers in the Same Area

• How Do You Encourage a Participant to Shop for Health Care? Are There Applications to Make It Easy? AI?

• How a Spending Account Can Be Integrated With a Group Health Plan Spending Account

Spending Accounts and Their Differences

• HRAs and the Many Different Types Now Available Within the IRS Code

• HSAs vs. HRAs

• HRAs, FSAs and HSAs - Which Is Best for My Group?

Spending and CDHP Compliance Concerns

• IRS Code


Recommendations and Case Studies

• Why Some Succeed and Others Fail

• Plans That Are Too Complicated