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The Life Cycle of a Workers' Compensation Claim

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Understand the process of a workers' compensation claim and how to address workplace injuries before they occur.The goal of this topic is to provide an overview of workers' compensation systems and to describe the process by which a claim unfolds following a workplace injury. The material will address the basis of these systems, the process following a workplace injury, and the life of a resulting claim. It will also discuss strategies to reduce injuries and minimize claims, both prior to and following an injury. It will also identify other employment law concerns that often arise following an injury and during the management of the claim. The information will strive to assist in reducing premium costs, benefit exposure, and helping ensure the safety of employees.


Ryan J. Murphy, Cipriani & Werner, P.C.


The Workers' Compensation System

• Purpose

• General Principles

• Comparison of Various States

Pre-Injury Considerations

• Insurance Coverage

• Employee Handbooks

• Safety Training/Committees

• Supervisor Training

• Discipline

Occurrence of the Injury

• Accident Investigation

• Notice Requirements

• Claim Reporting

• Contact With Injured Employee

• Medical Treatment

Post-Injury Considerations

• Drug-Testing

• Insurance Carrier Action

• Return to Work

• Employment Law Considerations

• Documentation

Claim Management

• Claim Reserves

• Medical Care Management

• Litigation

• Resolution

Calculation of Insurance Rates

• Experience Rating Modifier

• Employee Classifications

• Payroll

• Recommendations for Reducing Premiums

Best Practices