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Uncovering Workers' Compensation Fraud

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Gain the tools needed to identify the red flags of workers' compensation fraud.Perhaps at no other time in our nation's history has the potential for workers' compensation fraud been more prevalent than in our COVID-19 world. Like other forms of fraud, fraud in the workers' compensation process is a crime. Everyone loses when workers' compensation fraud occurs. Systems and processes to be proactive against fraud should be put into place at both the carrier and the insured level. Risk management should include methodologies to mitigate claims of retaliation, slander, and libel by the claimant relative to workers' compensation fraud. This topic will provide a toolkit for you on how effectively mitigating the risk of and properly addressing fraud while minimizing the risk of potential associated losses by claimants.


Kathleen M. Bonczyk, MBA, Esq., Long Marmero & Associates LLP


Overview: The Workers' Compensation Process

• Brief History of Workers' Compensation Laws

• Legal Definition of Occupational Illness vs. Occupational Injury

• Purposes Workers' Compensation Fulfills

• Exclusive Remedies Provided

Fraud and Workers' Compensation

• Sample Legal Definitions of Fraud

• Sample Penalties for Fraud

• Danger Zone: Interplay Between Fraud, Slander and Libel

• Workplace Violence Risks

Mitigation of Fraud

• Steps to Take to Be Proactive

• Recommended Systems to Put Into Place

• Dos and Don'ts When Fraud Is Suspected

• Signs of Fraud

• Sample Cost Effective Investigations

A New Ballgame: Workers' Compensation Fraud in a COVID-19 World

• Special Challenges the Pandemic Has Presented

• Claims Unique to COVID-19

• Considerations Going Forward

• COVID-19 Fraud: A Case Study

Sufficient Evidence of Fraud Exists, Now What?

• Going at It Alone vs. Involving Counsel

• How to Report Fraud While Mitigating Legal Exposure (Retaliation, etc.)

• Where to Report Fraud

• General Guidelines After Fraud Has Been Investigated

• Loose Lips Sink Ships: Confidentiality Is Critical