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Legal Issues of Running Social Media and Mobile Sweepstakes and Contests

OnDemand Webinar (63 minutes)

Stay up to date on the ever-evolving laws and regulations governing prize promotions.Many consumers businesses are attracted to social media and mobile-based sweepstakes and contests because they present a perceived simple and fast-paced method for consumer engagement. However, in addition to the requirements of running any sweepstakes or contest, social media and mobile-based sweepstakes and contests present a number of additional challenges that may likely be overlooked by the unwary. This topic will help educate attorneys on the basics of sweepstakes and contests law, which is regulated separately in all 50 states. This material will also address the unique issues presented when running a social media or mobile-based contest or sweepstakes, including handling of user-generated content, privacy concerns, social media platform requirements, and will address the need to consider California's restrictive privacy laws, the Federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and the FTC Endorsement Guidelines, among other regulations.


Rob Laplaca, Verrill Dana, LLP


Lottery and Gambling Laws

• Review the Elements of an Illegal Lottery

• Review Aspects of a Prize

• Review Aspects of Chance

• Review Aspects of Consideration

Games of Chance

• Review Aspects of Non-Monetary/Alternate Methods of Entry

• Review Registration and Bonding Requirements

Skill Contests

• Review Aspects of Skill

• Review Certain State Requirements

Official Rules and Advertising

• Explain Need for Official Rules

• Review Terms Needed in Official Rules

• Review Terms Needed in Advertising

Social Media and Mobile Marketing Promotions

• Review Requirements of Social Media Sites

• Law and Practical Application of User-Generated Content

• Explain Specific Issues Raised by These Promotions


• Review Privacy Laws Concerning Social Media and Mobile Sweepstakes and Contests

• Review California's Laws

• Review Information That Can Be Captured and How

Specific Applications

• Address Specific Issues With Regard to Product Reviews, Text to Win, In-Game Contests, and Social Media Sweeps