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The Resilient Attorney - Finding Your Inner Strength

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

Gain an understanding of the five pillars of resilience with a wide variety of practical suggestions and tools that you can implement immediately.As an attorney, you operate in an environment that is in constant flux, with fast-changing legal and regulatory frameworks. You are likely pressed for time, juggling firm demands, working long hours, managing harsh billing demands, dealing with increasingly demanding clients, and facing pressure to generate business in a legal landscape that becomes more and more complex. The need for resilience is clear, even without adding possible societal concerns or demands in your personal life. Resilience is your ability to persevere in the face of difficulty. Resilient attorneys adapt to challenges and changes and they grow in the face of adversity, instead of caving under it. If you wish to thrive in today's legal environment, you want to hone your resilience insights and skills. This topic dives into the five pillars of resilience with a wide variety of practical suggestions and tools that you can implement immediately. You will gain insights from authorities such as Mayo Clinic, the Penn Resiliency Project, The Bounce Back Project, The Resilience Center - Montana, The American Psychology As-sociation, and psychologists such as Albert Ellis and Dr. Karen Gallaty.


Carolien Moors, HardTalk Biz Coaching


Awareness Boost

• Self-Awareness as Cornerstone for Resilience

• Identifying Stressors and Distractions

• Understanding Their Effect on You, Others, Your Results

Your Mindset Makeover

• Defining Mindset

• A Change and Uncertainty Mindset

• Mindset Makeover to Boost Resilience

Thought Hygiene

• Understanding Thinking Patterns and Distortions

• Ways to Detox Your Thoughts

• Perspective Shifts

Stress Management

• Mindfulness Practices

• Self-Care Reminders

• Relationship Management

Uncertainty Management

• How We Respond to the Unexpected Such as the COVID-19 Pandemic or Societal Events

• Uncertainty and the Effect on Your Brain

• Tips to Learn From and Grow During Uncertainty

Wrapping Up