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No One Makes It Out Unscathed: The Effects of Trauma, Stress and Burnout on Our Lives

OnDemand Webinar (64 minutes)

Learn how you can recognize the unhealthy and potentially life-threatening signs of stress and trauma.Attorneys hopefully recognize that like many other professionals, their lives are filled to the brim with stress. It's important to be proactive in dealing with it. The consequences of shrugging it off can be catastrophic - not only for them but for their family, staff, and friends. And then there's trauma. The ramifications of trauma aren't discussed as frequently as those of stress and thus, for many attorneys, trauma is a topic in need of attention. Trauma can be secondary or vicarious. Trauma also results from a personal loss such as the death of a family member or a close friend. Now that we are all dealing with the unexpected impact of a generational and societal traumatic event, the COVID-19 pandemic, it's important to recognize the signs of trauma in yourself as well as in your office staff, family, and clients. Hear from our experienced speaker as he shares his personal story of trauma and learn how you can recognize the unhealthy and potentially life-threatening shadow it can cast. Recent studies have shown that there has been a dramatic increase in impairment due to alcoholism, addiction, and mental health disorders among members of the legal profession. The statistics are compelling and clearly indicate that 1 out of 3 attorneys will likely have a need for substance use or mental health services at some point in their careers.


Brian S. Quinn, Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers


Early Warning Signs of Impairment

• Stress

• Vicarious Trauma

• COVID-19 Pandemic

Free Services That Lawyers Assistance Programs Provide to Lawyers, Judges, Their Family Members, and Law Students

Tips for Dealing With the Anxiety, Stress, and Fear That the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Created

What Barriers Exist That Prevent Lawyers From Seeking the Help They Need Will Be Provided

The Role That Education Plays in Breaking the Stigma and Fear Associated With Addiction and Mental Illness in the Legal Profession

How Best to Approach the Impaired Individual

Ethical Considerations Regarding the Duty to Report an Impaired Attorney and the Exceptions Granted to Lawyer Assistance Programs

Ethical Challenges Imposed by the Imposed Isolation of the Pandemic and It's Possible Long-Lasting Effect on the Legal Profession