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Legal Principles Surrounding Regulating Employee Appearance

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Avoid litigation and ensure your current dress code policies aren't a ticking time bomb.With the increase of the #MeToo movement and the growing and urgent need to embrace diversity, now is the time for employers to make sure their dress code and appearance policies aren't a ticking time bomb. Employers need to be able to set and manage policies, to identify and mitigate legal issues (such as protected class considerations), and to work with employee requests for accommodations. This topic will address workplace dress and appearance, including policy considerations, challenges (including discrimination issues), and best practices. This material will assist those in understanding how to address existing dress and appearance policies to ensure compliance with federal and state laws, local laws, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rules.


Julie A. Proscia, Esq., SmithAmundsen LLC


Types of Dress Codes

• Formal Business Attire

• Business Casual

• Casual Fridays

• Summer Casual

• Grooming and Hygiene Policies

Legal Issues

• Local Laws

• Title VII

- Gender Disparity and Identity Accommodations

- Race Issues and Appearance Policies

- Religious Expression and Accommodation

• ADA Accommodations

Discussion of Policies With Employees

• What Not to Say

• How to Handle Accommodation Requests

Health and Safety Issues

• The Safety Exemption

• Case Studies/Examples


• Pros and Cons

• Wage and Hour Concerns

Freedom of Speech

• When Does It Apply?

• Offensive or Political Apparel

• Union Insignias