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Statutory Research Fundamentals for Paralegals

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Identify and explore research techniques for finding and interpreting statutes.While the United States legal system operates as a common law not a civil law system, there has been a shift over time from common law to statutory law as more and more legal issues have been codified. Knowing how to research statutes has become more important than ever. In this topic we will review how statutes are created and codified; learn methods for finding applicable statutes, regardless of whether you are using online or print sources; and identify and explore research techniques for interpreting statutes. Along the way we will discover circumstances when a code is not actually the law, what a statute on statutes is, and how to find older versions of statutes. Buckle up for a wild ride on statutory research and taming the monster of statutory interpretation.


Susan Boland, University of Cincinnati


How Statutes Are Created and Codified

• How a Bill Becomes a Law

• Slip Laws and Session Laws

• Codification

• Uncodified Law

Structure and Organization of Codes

• Federal Codes

• State Codes

• Annotated Codes

• Unannotated Codes

Statutory Finding Tools

• Indexes

• Tables of Contents

• Other Useful Tables

• Keyword Searching

Finding Different Versions of a Statute

• Effective Dates

• Archived Codes Online

• Other Sources

Interpreting Statutes

• Plain Meaning Rule

• Statutes on Statutes

• Cases

Chevron Doctrine

• Canons of Statutory Interpretation

• Legislative History