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Insurance Bad Faith: The Basics

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Understand when insurance company behavior rises to the level of bad faith.Disputes between insurance companies and policyholders unfortunately seem to be on the rise. This material will help the lawyer who advises people or businesses understand when insurance company behavior rises to the level of bad faith, what tactics we see from insurers who attempt to minimize the amount of money payable to the insured, and what resources the lawyer must address. This course will also provide different types of frustrating situations that clients may raise when attempting to get a fair and just payment from an insurance company after a loss.


Justin F. Wallace, Mayer, Graff & Wallace LLP


What Is Bad Faith?

• Definitions of Bad Faith

• How Is Bad Faith Different Than Other Torts?

• Why Insurance Claims Are Not a Negotiation

Common Red Flags

• Lowballing

• Expert Shopping

• Delay, Generally

• Proofs of Loss

• EUOs

Considerations in Specific Lines/Types of Cases

• Property/Casualty

• Health

• Duty to Defend

• Arson

Remedies and Negotiations

• Attorneys' Fees/Punitive Damages

• Considerations in Delayed Payment Cases

• Should Have Never Had to Go Through Any of This

• The Need for Expert Testimony?