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Project Management Basics for Your Law Firm

OnDemand Webinar (56 minutes)

Understand the principles of project management and how to apply them to a variety of legal projects in the law office.In today's complex legal and business industries, the use of effective project management techniques is essential to remain competitive. Implemented extensively and successfully for years by corporations, consulting firms, and accounting firms, project management is a skill law firms now recognize as an important part of training for their attorneys and legal staff. This topic will explain some basic principles of project management and how to apply them in order to organize, plan, and monitor a variety of legal projects in the law office. It will also show you how to effectively manage competing deadlines and how to improve client satisfaction with clear and transparent communications.


Jason R. Mattox, King & Spalding


Set the Scope

• Understanding What the Client Wants/What a Successful Outcome Is

• Identify the Project Needs

• Confirm the Objectives and Goals

Setting Final and Interim Deadlines

• Externally Imposed Deadlines Versus Internal Ones

• Estimation on How Long to Complete Tasks

Planning and Organization

• Breaking the Project Down Into Tasks and Subtasks

• Organize Tasks and Subtasks Into a Specific Order of Action/Sequence of Events

• Effective Delegation

Effective Communication

• Closing the Feedback Loop

Monitoring and Evaluation of the Process

• Listing Tasks and Due Dates on a Timeline

• Tracking Performance

• Evaluate Reasons for Any Crises and Determine Whether They Can Be Avoided or Minimized in the Future