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Finding and Tracking Cryptocurrency in Divorce Litigation

OnDemand Webinar (64 minutes)

Understand the basics of cryptocurrency, including how to find it, value it, and divide it.Cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream and isn't just for speculators and IT pros anymore. Although the general public is frequently investing in and holding cryptocurrency, it continues to be a topic that many divorce attorneys know little about. While cryptocurrency can seem intimidating, it is crucial for attorneys to have some basic knowledge about this increasingly popular asset. Like cash, cryptocurrency can be easily overlooked (or intentionally hidden) in divorce cases. Cryptocurrency can be one of the most valuable assets a marital estate may have. It is also one of the easiest ways to hide money for a tech-savvy, dishonest spouse.


Kelly Burris, Cordell & Cordell


Cryptocurrency for Dummies

• What Is Cryptocurrency?

• Common Terms Used in Cryptocurrency and Their Definitions

- Will Discuss Private Keys, Public Keys, Wallets, Blockchains, and Mining

• How Cryptocurrency Is Obtained and Disposed of

How to Locate Cryptocurrency Assets and Counsel Your Client

• Client Questions

• Discovery and Subpoenas

• Blockchain Search Devices

• Finding Evidence of Cryptocurrency on Devices

• Hiring an Expert

Valuing and Dividing Cryptocurrency

• Considerations and Concerns in Valuation

• Should You Hire a Valuation Expert, and Does Such a Thing Exist?

• Options and Risks in Dividing Cryptocurrency

Tax Concerns and Other Special Considerations Concerning Cryptocurrency