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Ethical Issues Arising After Attorney Leaves the Firm

OnDemand Webinar (64 minutes)

Gain an understanding of a departing attorney and obligations of the firm that need to be handled.Few events can have a greater impact on a law firm's trajectory than the departure of a partner or key associate. Whether they leave on good terms or poor, whether you wish them well or ill, whether they will compete with you or feed you referrals, you must understand the simple ethical issues involved with their departure. This information will help a firm understand the limits imposed on the firm and the departing attorney, enabling it to take proactive measures that can reduce the negative impact of future departures.


Marc D. Garfinkle, Law Office of Marc Garfinkle


Obligations of Firm and of Departing Attorney

• Communicating to Clients

- Who to Tell

- What to Tell

- How to Tell

• Communicating to Third Parties

• Handling the Departing Attorney's Client Files, Fees, Phones, and Mail

• The Client's Right to Counsel vs. Attorneys Poaching the Firm's Clientele

Other Ethical Considerations

• Duties of Lawyers Interviewing With Other Firms

• When Attorneys Leave on Good Terms

• When Attorneys Leave on Bad Terms

Preventive Practices

• Employment Agreements

• Separation Agreements