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Paralegals Role in Conducting Jury Research

OnDemand Webinar (61 minutes)

Learn how to obtain information on judicial preferences and help identify preferred and problem jurors.A paralegal can play a critical role in gathering, analyzing, and organizing information related to effectively identifying desirable and undesirable juror profiles. By researching information available from the court, public, and private sources, effective juror profiles can be constructed. A paralegal can obtain information on judicial preferences regarding questioning and dismissing jurors. Most importantly, effective research by the paralegal can assist counsel in identifying preferred and problem jurors. This research and information are critical in making the difference between a winning and a losing case.


D. Scott Hurley, Esq., The Hurley Law Firm, P.C.


Gathering Information to Construct a Preferred Juror Profile for Your Case

• Knowing the Strengths of Your Case and Client

• Knowing the Weaknesses of Your Case and Client

• Analyzing Potential Juror Attitudes, Biases, and Prejudices

• Identifying Favorable/Desirable and Unfavorable/Undesirable Themes

Constructing a Preferred Juror Profile for Your Case

• The Juror and Your Case

• The Juror and Your Client

• The Juror and the Opposing Case

• The Juror and the Opposing Client

Gathering General Information About Your Jury Panel

• Obtaining Juror Biographical Information From the Clerk of the Court

• Research of Local Rules as to Selection Process, Logistics of Voir Dire, and Utilization/Selection of Strikes and Alternates

• Research as to Judicial Preferences Regarding Jury Selection

Gathering Specific Information Regarding Your Jury Panel

• Researching Public Sources

• Refining and Focusing Available Juror Information

• Utilization of Social Media for Juror Research

Using Research to Construct an Effective Voir Dire of the Jury

• Constructing Effective Voir Dire Questions

• Identifying Potential Juror Biases and Prejudices