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ADA and FMLA Coverage of Stress and Depression

OnDemand Webinar (65 minutes)

Understand your legal obligations and employee entitlements regarding depression claims.Understand your legal obligations and employee entitlements regarding depression claims. It's been a challenging year for employers and employees alike. With COVID-19 still impacting our daily lives, more employees are being mentally impacted by closures, stay at home orders, isolation from others, and now transitioning back to the worksite. Depression claims are on the rise, and employers need to understand their legal obligations and employee entitlements. Learn who is eligible for protections and when, and about various overlapping rules that apply. Understand the documentation that is necessary to demonstrate compliance. There are many potential landmines that employers can easily manage if armed with the right tools.


Sue M. Bendavid, Esq., Lewitt Hackman


COVID-19 Stress and Depression

• How COVID-19 Changed the Way We Work

• Fear and Anxiety About the New Disease Coupled With Adjusting to Home Lockdowns and Avoiding Close Contact - Impact on Employers/Employees

• Promoting/Balancing Employees' Mental Well-Being and Work-From-Home Productivity

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

• ADA and Mental Disabilities

• What Is a Mental Disability?

• Who Is Protected and When Do ADA Protections Arise? - Application Procedures, Hiring, Firing, Advancement, Compensation, Job Training, etc.

• The Obligation to Provide Reasonable Accommodation

• Interactive Dialogue Requirement

• How Key Terms in the ADA Are Defined and Used

• Mental Impairment

• Major Life Activities

• Behavior Traits That Are Not Covered by the ADA

• Undue Hardship Defenses

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

• Covered Employer (+50 Employees)

- Has Worked for the Employer for at Least 12 Months

- Has at Least 1,250 Hours of Service for the Employer During the 12-Month Period Immediately Preceding the Leave

- Works at a Location Where the Employer Has at Least 50 Employees Within 75 Miles

• Depression and FMLA Overlap

• Medical Certification

• Reinstatement