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Currency Transaction Report: How to File and Common Errors

OnDemand Webinar (64 minutes)

Ensure compliance in preparation of these currency transaction reports and avoid sanctions for noncompliance.This course will educate and assist United States persons who have the obligation to file any of the numerous currency transaction reports and the professionals who prepare and file these forms on behalf of their clients. The information contained in these forms assists law enforcement in its anti-money laundering efforts. When businesses and individuals comply with the reporting laws, they provide authorities with an audit trail to stop tax evasion, drug dealing, terrorist financing, and other criminal activities. The government is very serious about these currency transaction reports and has put in place serious civil and criminal penalties for noncompliance. This information is critical for persons involved in the preparation of these currency transaction reports so that they can be confident that their efforts comply with the law and that they and their employers will avoid sanctions for noncompliance.


Sandra R. Brown, Hochman Salkin Toscher Perez P.C. Edward M. Robbins Jr., Hochman Salkin Toscher Perez P.C. Michel R. Stein, Hochman Salkin Toscher Perez P.C.


Governments Enforcement Strategy

Currency Reporting Forms and Statutes That Apply to Currency Reporting and Money Laundering Violations

• How to Properly Prepare Title 31 Forms

• How to Properly Prepare Title 26 Forms

• Summary of Forms

Sanctions for Noncompliance and How to Avoid Them

• Title 31 - Currency Reporting Offenses

• Title 31 - Criminal Penalties

• Title 31 - Civil Penalties

• Title 26 - Currency Reporting Offenses: Title 26 U.S.C.

• § 6050I - Returns Relating to Cash Received in Trade of Business

• Title 26 - Civil Penalties

• Title 18 - Money Laundering Offenses

• Title 18 - Criminal Penalties

• Forfeiture Provisions for Title 18

• Comparison of Title 18 U.S.C. § 1956 and § 1957