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What You Need To Know About Public Records in Alabama

Wendell Cauley — Attorney, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP
What You Need To Know About Public Records in Alabama

What you will learn in this report.

A. Affected Governmental Bodies and Agencies - - “All Public Officers and Servants."
B. What constitutes a public record under Alabama law?
C. Who Is Entitled to Examine Public Records?
D. What Is Subject to Examination And What Is Not?
1. Registration and Circulation Records and Information Concerning the use of the
Public, Public School or College and University Libraries
2. Records Concerning Security Plans, Procedures, Assessments, Measures, or Systems,
and Other Records Relating to, or Having an Impact Upon, the Security or Safety of
Persons, Structures, Facilities, or Other Infrastructures
3. Social Security Numbers
4. Identifying Information of State Employees on Records Available for Public
5. Personnel Records
6. Recorded Information Received by a Public Officer in Confidence
7. Licensing Information
8. Police Records
9. Governmental Utility Customer Information
10. Confidential Information Regarding Special Population Individuals Collected in the
Course of the SPP Program
11. Exceptions to Disclosure by Statute or Regulation
E. Which Records Must be Maintained Permanently and Which Ones may be Disposed of
or Destroyed?
1. State Records Commission.
2. Local Government Records Commission.
3. Microfilming of Records
F. Process for Obtaining Public Records.
G. Responding to Public Records Requests
H. Fees.
I. Policies Relating to Public Records.
J. Consequences of Improper Denial of Access to Public Records.

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