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OnDemand Course: Legal Implications of Environmental Contamination

Legal Implications of Environmental Contamination

This OnDemand Webinar will provide business managers, landowners, environmental consultants, and legal practioners a practical grounding in the basic concepts underlying environmental common law tort,...

OnDemand Course: Identifying Vegetation for Wetland Delineation

Identifying Vegetation for Wetland Delineation

Gain an understanding of where the boundaries of the wetlands are located and the vegetative component of wetlands delineation.Wetlands are regulated by both Federal and State statutes and it is critical to understand...

OnDemand Course: Environmental Forensics

Environmental Forensics

Understand the key elements in conducting an environmental site assessment on contaminated property.All too often, a negligent tenant or building occupant will ignore environmental regulations resulting in illegal...

OnDemand Course: NEPA: Understanding the Basics

NEPA: Understanding the Basics

Get practical advice so you can prepare useful and legally compliant NEPA documents and avoid common mistakes.Since 1970, the National Environmental Policy Act has been the cornerstone for environmental protection in...

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