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Bookstore: AIA Contracts in Iowa

AIA Contracts in Iowa

Know what you're getting into before you sign your next AIA contract. Help is available for understanding complex AIA contract provisions - get it now, before you wind up with costly delays or time-consuming lawsuits.

Bookstore: Judgment Enforcement in Iowa

Judgment Enforcement in Iowa

Steer clear of collection problems and turn your judgment into money. As the economy changes, strategies for collecting money while avoiding legal liability are becoming increasingly valuable.

Bookstore: Residential Landlord-Tenant Law in Iowa

Residential Landlord-Tenant Law in Iowa

Learn valuable techniques on interpreting and implementing key landlord-tenant law basics. From the rental agreement to security deposits and eviction actions, you need to stay on top of all aspects of landlord-tenant...

Bookstore: Property Tax in Iowa

Property Tax in Iowa

Discover essential strategies for managing real and personal property tax. Understanding how Iowa's unique property tax system works is crucial to developing a strategy to reduce the tax burden.

Bookstore: Sales and Use Tax for Contractors

Sales and Use Tax for Contractors

Every contractor in Iowa has sales and use tax obligations - find out how to reduce your liability. Contractors may have varying tax responsibilities depending upon the work performed and what contract provisions...

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